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Acer Aspire X1300

$475.00 Released January, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Affordable prices. Slick aesthetic. Powerful enough for the majority of consumers - ample processing power, storage capacity and RAM.

The Cons:The fan overheats which causes the screen to go blank. then have to resart. Tight spacing inside to upgrade components. Comes bundled with lots of crapware.

The X1300 is an entry level desktop PC that is designed for entertainment and home computing from Acer's 2009 Aspire lineup.  The PC is a step up from the X1200 since it features a more powerful 2.3GHz AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core processor, up to 4GB of DDR2 memory, and comes with an up to 640GB hard drive.

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  It utilizes an Nvidia GeForce graphics card and has embedded high definition audio with 5.1-channel support.  The X1300 is designed with a glossy black chassis and has front-panel USB and audio ports for convenience.  It also includes a memory card reader, super-multi drive, and offers a variety of connectivity options including DVI-D, PCI-Express, Firewire, eSATA, HDMI, and 9 USB ports.  The desktop PC comes with a keyboard, mouse, and speakers, and has a 1 year limited warranty.


  • Up to 2.3GHz AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core Processor
  • Up to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Up to 640GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Nvidia GeForce 8200 Graphics Card
  • High-Definition 5.1-Channel Audio
  • Multi-in-one Card Reader
  • Super-Multi Drive with LabelFlash
  • Glossy Black Chassis
  • Easy Access Front-Panel USB and Audio Ports
  • Windows Vista Home Edition
  • Comes with Speakers, Mouse, Keyboard
  • Optional 20" or 22" Widescreen Monitor
  • Drive Bays: 3 x 3.5", 2 x 5.25"
  • Ports: VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, PCI-Express, FireWire, Headphone, Microphone, 2 x PS/2, 9 x USB, RJ-45, eSATA
  • 1 year limited warranty

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  • 7

    affordable prices

  • 6

    slick aesthetic

  • 6

    powerful enough for the majority of consumers - ample processing power, storage capacity and RAM

  • 5

    digital HDMI output for use with the latest monitors or HDTVs

  • 4

    onboard Nvidia graphics - better than onboard Intel options, easily capable of full high definition playback

  • 4

    9 USB 2.0 ports and front card reader. PCI-e 16X 2.0 port.

  • 1

    comes bundled with widescreen monitor

  • 1

    surprising agility for Low end price. Could have better range of upgrades but not bad for stock.

  • 8

    the fan overheats which causes the screen to go blank. then have to resart

  • 4

    Tight spacing inside to upgrade components.

  • 2

    comes bundled with lots of crapware

  • 1

    not powerful enough for power users or gamers

  • -1

    newly purchased and onboard ethernet doesn't work on power on. have to physically disconnect/reconnect cable to reset after power on. also, windows update (Vista Home Premium) identifies a newer driver, but keeps failing to install it

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Anonymous: #acer_aspire_x1300 I totally agree mine has sucked since I bought it brand new in 2009 . it is very loud and same problem overheating and going black than have to restart itvery time consuming! Feb 26, 13
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Kiki La Rue
Kiki La Rue: #acer_aspire_x1300 I bought this on sale from best buy in 2010. Good little PC for the price. I am a casual gamer, and I also watch vids often on my PC - and for the first 4 months or so it ran great. Then one day I was running my game and a video at the same time, and I got the black screen of doom. I shut it down and touched my hand to the vent holes and found it to be extremely hot. I opened up the case and the fan would not work at all. I cleaned out the dust, let it cool, restarted it without the cover on and the fan looked like it was trying to start but never did. I bought a replacement fan, and that did not work either. I had a friend come over and look at it. He told me that the power supply was weak (I am not a PC person whatsoever). He also said that there is not enough room in the case to do any sort of upgrading. So I permanently removed the cover, bought a small personal desk fan from walmart and have that blowing on it constantly. Never once did I have the black screen again.

Other than that issue (I really think the darn things need to be recalled since so many ppl have the same issue), The PC is good for watching media, and casual gaming. (I play WoW @ med settings and run 30fps - while streaming music at the same time) Jul 10, 11
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Anonymous: #acer_aspire_x1300 My Acer Aspire X1301 has crashed since day 1. The India support sucks. I couldn't send it in for repair at the time because I needed it. That was 2010. Today, I took the side off, put a small fan blowing in it, and it has not crashed yet. I've played video games, watched a movie and still good. Usually it would have crashed multiple times by now. How can I keep it cool without the side off? I love the computer as I am very limited on space. May 22, 11
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Denise Webb
Denise Webb: #acer_aspire_x1300 i have had this pc about 5 months now and have problems with it since day 1... i have sent it bk in for repair and they sent it back without fixing the original problem. the fan keeps overheating and the screen just goes blank i have now been told that it needs sending back for repair yet again. my brother has previously owned an acer pc and he had no problems with his whatsoever.

has anybody else had this problem also..... Feb 5, 10
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: I have the exact same problem it happens to em every hour or so i sent mien back and got a brand new pc and still have the same problem i have just given up with it! Dec 4, 10

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: This machine has serious problems. Mine worked fine until the power supply blew and Acer replaced both the power supply and the motherboard. That is when the "Black screen" started. We've been back and forth with Acer Support for months, getting totally nowhere. I bought a video card, but the Acer BIOS won't switch to it. This is a very bad reflection on Acer Support. They keep saying "it's out of warranty" and I keep reminding them that this is the MB they supplied IN warranty that never worked right, but to totally no avail. They are impossible. Feb 10, 11

timkay: #acer_aspire_x1300 I have the VGA port connected to the primary monitor and the HDMI connected to a second monitor. When the computer comes back from Standby (not Hibernate), the VGA monitor does not unblank. I have to hit Ctl-Alt-Del to get it back.

Does anybody else have this problem? Jan 17, 10
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